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The Short-Term Rehabilitation You Need.

The Outcome You Deserve.

At Ashley Rehabilitation & Health Care Center, our number one focus is on helping patients recover from illness, injury or surgery and to do so safely, quickly and completely to help ease their transition back into independent living. While the speed of recovery depends on the specific circumstance, our in-patient rehab offers several advantages over outpatient therapy:

  • 24-hour nursing services with physician oversight, seven days a week

  • A therapy team, nutritionists, social workers and other specialists are available as necessary to implement your personal recovery plan.

  • A dedicated therapy hall featuring private and double rooms, as well as many amenities and activities for your recreation and enjoyment.

  • At home you may be tempted to care for responsibilities before you are fully recovered and ready.

While Ashley is also a long-term care facility, you need not feel like you're checking into a nursing home. The goal for short-term rehab is to restore your health and strength to get you back home as quickly as possible. We've helped hundreds of seniors reach their recovery goals and having our a team dedicated completely to your health is the safest and quickest way to achieve optimal results.

Therapy Gym

We have a spacious therapy gym where residents get personal one-on-one therapies designed to recover from illness, injury, or surgeries. Our specialized equipment is designed specifically for seniors. 


Specially Trained Therapists

Our team of physical, occupational and speech therapists are highly trained. We are the only facility in Northwest Arkansas with a speech language pathologist certified in Vital Stim--a neuromuscular electro stimulation treatment for dyspahgia (help in swallowing) which is especially important for patients recovering from a stroke.


Many of our rehabilitation patients are discharged home without needing a return visit to the hospital. One of the ways we accomplish this is through occupational therapy where rehab guests practice in a model kitchen, laundry area and fully functional bathroom to help the rehab guests feel comfortable with daily life before transitioning home.

Positive Outcomes


Call us at 479.899.6778 to schedule a tour of our therapy wing, gym, and more. We invite you to choose Ashley for your short-term rehabilitation needs.


 After you're released from the hospital, your doctor may suggest recommend outpatient therapy, which means you live at home but get therapy one or more times a week. This post-surgical or illness rehab consists of exercises to make your muscles stronger and speed up your recovery. Our team of skilled therapists are available for outpatient rehab for those living nearby in towns like Rogers, Bentonville, Pea Ridge, Springdale and surrounding Northwest Arkansas communities.

Outpatient Therapy

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